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Want to meet a new group of friends...Take some amazing pictures...Travel all over WA... Have memories to look back on from your high school years?

This might be the gig for you! 

We hold our KJM Spokesmodel Team near and dear to our heart. This experience is not only about pretty pictures, but about allowing you to see how truly amazing you are inside and out. So let me tell you a little about it...


As a spokesmodel you will attend anywhere from 4-8 different shoots with us (all depending on everyone's schedules). We do ask that you at least hit the 4 shoot minimum. We understand life happens and we don't want to get in the way of your studies or family time (you are about to leave the nest, enjoy your family time). Also, we have been known to travel. We stay in WA, but like to occasionally go anywhere from the coast all the way to Eastern Wa. Our non-local locations are not required.

Every shoot will have a "theme". Whether it simply be a Summer or Winter theme, or even more specific such as "street/urban" or "country" etc. The great thing about being one of our Spokesmodels is that we never ask you to buy any clothing for our shoots (we won't stop you if you want an excuse to go shopping though). We have always made it work, our team is great at sharing and or we simply change themes. This experience is suppose to be fun, not stressful! 

We do ask that you come to every shoot with your hair and makeup done, as well as your nails well manicured (just make sure you don't have chipped polish or bright colors). Here's an added bonus, we occasionally add hair and makeup appointments to our rep shoots. This is sporadic and usually happens for our Junior/Senior Girls. So, if you continue with our team through high school this is something to look forward too.

All spokesmodels with receive 15 images from each shoot. 

We do require our spokesmodels to post their images on their social media accounts at least once every week and of course tagging us. If you are attending all shoots this should not be a problem. There should be NO filters or Altering of the images. Being a spokesmodel means representing our brand and if your altering images and adding filters you are now changing our brand. 

An added perk - for every referral you send to us, and they book their senior session we will pay you $25-50 depending on the session they pick.

Top questions...

What is the cost? As of right now the cost of being a KJM Spokesmodel is ZERO.. Yup, you read that right. We value your time and the commitment you have made to us to show up, be excited and well prepared for our shoots. 

How old do I have to be? We are usually adding Freshman-Juniors to our team. We like our team to stay with us through their Senior year so, we don't normally add Seniors to our team when we open the application process. 

What happens if I realize I don't have time to continue to be a Spokesmodel? We will be sad and miss you. Our Team is like family to us, but we understand. 

I don't have a great relationship with my parent's and they won't sign the parent consent, but I am almost 18, can I still apply? Sadly, no. We must have parent consent to be able to work with you. we will NOT budge on this.

Are parents welcome to come to the shoots? OMG YES. We even encourage it on long distance shoots. Mom's have an eye for detail and when we are so busy with our team sometimes an extra set of eyes is what we need. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us...

-Kate & Joe Mack